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Total prosthesis

The total denture represents the final step of tooth replacement. If the remaining teeth do not allow any other denture for aesthetic or practical reasons, they are removed, and a so-called denture is made.

What is a total prosthesis?

The total denture or full denture is more familiar under the terms denture or third teeth. It is the only type of prosthesis that replaces not only all the teeth but also part of the jawbone, the alveolar bone. Depending on the situation, it is used in the upper and lower jaw or only one of them. In addition, there is not only one solution to make complete dentures. The decision which variants of prosthetics to use, whether from intermediate forms and even up to total prosthesis, varies from case to case. Therefore, before any decisions are made, your consultation and information are important to us in order to make the best choice of treatment method for you. This also applies to the narcotics used or the materials used and the extent to which these are suitable for you from an aesthetic or health point of view - for example, due to allergies.

Materials used

The aim of total dentures is, on the one hand, to restore the radiant smile of an edentulous or virtually edentulous patient. In this context, the materials used to replace teeth and gums closely resemble their natural models and are virtually indistinguishable to the layperson. The gums are made of polymethyl methacrylate, which is colored with partly inorganic and organic agents to make it natural. In the case of the teeth, ceramic is used, which is characterized by its durability and color fastness, or plastic, which rattles less due to its comparatively lower hardness. Therefore, in the course of the fitting, you have detailed influence not only on the color, but also on the shape of the dentition, which will make up your new smile.

The other goal is to provide the patient with a properly functioning prosthesis that is atraumatic for the neighboring tissues. This also implies easy handling and cleaning of the denture and oral cavity, which can only have a positive effect on your oral hygiene.

Customization for your needs

Many sessions pass before the final result of the total prosthesis is found. The model is created by casting in the practice and is constantly adapted to your oral cavity in cooperation with a dental laboratory, so that it can serve as a basis for all further steps. On the one hand, this ensures trouble-free use due to various functional movements of the mouth, and on the other hand, aesthetic factors such as color and exact tooth shape, as mentioned above, play a role. Equally important is the retention of the total denture in the jaw. The essential factor here is the closest possible match and thus contact surface between the mucosal surface and the denture base. The resulting suction effect, which is produced by a saliva film between the two, ensures a comfortable hold. A restriction of the total denture in the lower jaw is finally the missing palate and the therefore missing possibility to suck in.

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