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Smilist Veneers An attractive, radiant smile for vitality and self-confidence already from 25€* per month.

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Hollywood Smile

Ceramic veneers for straight, bright white teeth, just like a star

Veneers from SMILIST

Bright eyes are accompanied by a radiant white smile. The teeth are the figurehead of the smile. With the help of ceramic veneers, teeth are reshaped in a minimally invasive way and transformed into a Hollywood smile. Using the latest technology, we create your very own individual Hollywood radiance.

Smilist guarantees the highest quality, made in Germany, for your radiantly perfect Hollywood smile.

Overview of possible applications of veneering:

  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Optical straightening of teeth
  • Harmonization of the smile
  • Stabilization of teeth that have become thin and brittle
  • Tooth shades correction

The Perfect Hollywood Smile

An attractive, elegant appearance includes radiantly beautiful teeth. The famous Hollywood smile is the business card for your career.

In just three steps

In just three simple steps to a radiant smile


Smile evaluation

Non-binding consultation appointment with a 3D scan followed by a demonstration of the possible course of action on the computer. Get a first impression of your future smile.

Treatment planning<

After the treatment plan has been worked out together, your teeth will be analyzed and, if necessary, ground by 1 to 2 mm. Your jaw will be scanned and finally fitted with a temporary restoration.

Successful results

After only about 5 days, your perfect smile will shine.
You will receive high-quality veneers that match your wishes in both color and shape. For the perfect smile. And all this at an optimal price-performance ratio.

The big advantages of Smilist Veneers

Comfortable & painless

Veneers require grinding of the selected teeth - so that you feel absolutely nothing, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.

Price-performance ratio

Our claim is maximum quality and your full satisfaction. The veneers we use guarantee a natural, beautiful result at good prices.

100% accuracy of fit

Veneers are thin veneers made of ceramic or composite resin that fit perfectly into your dentition. For a radiant smile.

Made in Germany

The veneers we use are made in close cooperation with a Berlin master laboratory and only from the most modern materials.

Before and After - Stunning Dental Treatment Results

Veneers for a radiant smile

The example of Sasha illustrates how effective and satisfying a treatment with Veneers is. Our patient was absolutely dissatisfied with his smile and was looking for a suitable solution. After a detailed consultation with Sasha, we first worked out his goals, wishes and expectations for our treatment. In just two sessions we were able to treat the natural misalignment and to adjust the color of his teeth with the help of Veneers. The result was a complete rehabilitation of the mouth. Sasha left us with a radiant smile and the restored functionality of his jaw.

Happy thanks to a professional care with Veneers

Our patient Steven had already undergone an unsuccessful and unsatisfying orthodontic treatment. His natural dentition still showed gaps between the teeth though having undergone treatment. After a professional odontexesis and the use of a mock-up, Steven could already see what a professional Veneers treatment could look like. After just two sessions done in the span of a week, we were able to achieve a wonderful result, making Steven infinitely happy and satisfied. Now Steven can finally smile without gaps between his teeth.

Veneers boots self-confidence

Our patient Tomas came to our praxis with complaints about ground and chipped teeth. Additionally, he already had large gaps in his natural dentition due to missing teeth. Based on his severe initial situation, we decided to completely replace his natural dentition. Thus we were able to not only restore the natural function of his jaw but also to put a natural smile on his face and boosting his self-confidence. Tomas could also be convinced of the Veneers treatment through the usage of a mock-up.

Radiantly beautiful teeth in just a few sessions

Our patient Anna came to our dental office with the aim of getting a perfect dream smile in a short time. Anna was unhappy with the misalignment of her teeth. In addition, she was not satisfied with the shape and color of her teeth and therefore wanted an aesthetic dental treatment with high-quality veneers as soon as possible. Thanks to the treatment with veneers and the use of the digital smile design, we were able to fulfill her wishes in just two sessions. We are very happy that we could help Anna and put a dream smile on her face.

Make an appointment with us today to determine the optimal number of veneers for you in a personal consultation. Make your dream of a radiantly beautiful smile come true.

General note

The prices indicated are non-binding estimates. An exact planning of the treatment as well as cost estimation can basically only be made after a personal examination on site and after completion of the treatment. They ultimately result from the difficulty and expense of the individual case. In most cases, the costs for the indicated treatments can be met or a more accurate estimate can be made in advance. The individual specifics are therefore discussed in detail in each case before the therapy begins.

* The actual services are billed according to GOZ.

The treatment services will be billed to you via our billing center BFS. There you have, among other things, the possibility to arrange payment by installments. (creditworthiness assumed)

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