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All-on-x concept Full arch rehabilitation with only four implants.

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The revolutionary All ON FOUR CONCEPT

Modern dentistry has made significant advances in recent years, particularly concerning the treatment of edentulous (toothless) jaws. One revolutionary method that is gaining increasing popularity is the All-on-x concept. In this approach, only four implants are needed to provide fixed teeth in an edentulous jaw. This innovative concept was developed in the late 1990s by Dr. Paolo Malo, a Portuguese physician, in collaboration with the implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare.

The All-on-x concept

An alternative to the standard procedure.

The All-on-x concept not only differs in the number of implants but also in their distribution and positioning compared to conventional procedures. While the standard procedure typically involves 6-8 implants for a fixed bridge, the All-on-x concept utilizes only the bone-rich areas in the front of the jaw. This makes the placement of implants less risky.

To ensure stable support, in addition to the two implants in the front teeth area, the other two implants are positioned diagonally and as far back as possible. Although the angled placement of implants was previously considered incorrect, this method has proven effective and is now successfully applied.

Another advantage of this positioning of the 4 implants is that no additional bone grafting is required. The existing amount of bone in the lower jaw above the main nerve and in the upper jaw below the sinus can be optimally utilized to create a stable foundation for dental prosthetics.

The Success of the All-on-x Concept

The All-on-x concept has proven to be highly successful in numerous studies. For a long time, scientists and competing implant manufacturers observed the concept with suspicion, but the results have shown that there is no reason to doubt ist effectiveness.

The long-term success rates are very good, which is why many implant manufacturers adjust their product lines and develop similar concepts, such as Bredent’s fast-and-fixed concept.

The Procedure for the All-on-x Concept

The treatment with the All-on-x concept involves several steps. First, the teeth that are no longer worth preserving are removed. Then, using 3D X-rays and specialized planning software, the implants are positioned, and the future dental prosthetic is planned. In this method, four implants are placed in the edentulous jaw. The uniqueness lies in the positioning of the implants: in the molar area, two implants are inserted at an angle of 35-45°, while in the front tooth area, two implants are anchored straight.

This approach offers several advantages. Firstly, it preserves vulnerable structures such as the sinus in the upper jaw and the nerve exit in the lower jaw. Additionally, the positioning of the implants allows for optimal use of the bone and maximum stability for the dental prosthetic.

In cases of bone loss, which often occurs in the edentulous lower jaw, the need for complex bone grafting can be avoided. The angled implants provide a larger contact surface between the implant and the bone, promoting strong integration.

The Benefits of the All-on-x Concept

The All-on-x concept offers several significant advantages over conventional procedures:

  • Fixed dental prosthesis with only four implants possible in one day.
  • Immediate loading of the implants and rapid restoration of quality of life.
  • No elaborate bone reconstruction required.
  • Less surgical effort and shorter treatment time.
  • Lower costs compared to the provision of individual implants.
  • Even a provision with removable dental prosthesis is possible.

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Experience and Expertise in Implant Practice in Berlin

In our implant practice in Berlin, we have extensive experience with the All-on-x concept. Our dentists specialize in implantation and provide you with professional and individualized guidance. We work closely with experienced dental technicians in our own dental laboratory to produce high-quality and customized dental prosthetics.

In our modern and well-equipped practice, we prioritize the highest quality and hygiene standards to ensure a safe and successful treatment for our patients.

The All-on-x concept offers an innovative solution for patients with edentulous jaws.

With just four implants, fixed teeth can be provided in one day without the need for complex bone grafting. Success rates are very good, and the method is performed by experienced implantologists and dental technicians in specialized clinics and practices.

If you would like to learn more about the All-on-x concept or seek individual consultation, our experts at the Implant Practice Berlin are at your service.

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