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Smilist - The dental practice for a radiant smile

Dental expertise for children and adults

Your dentists for first-class dental aesthetics and veneers. Smilist combines the highest quality and most modern technological standards for young and old under one roof.

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to have an oral cavity free of biological and functional problems! Patients strive for the perfect smile, a smile that completes one’s appearance and thus guarantees both physical and psychological well-being.

In close cooperation with the best dental technicians in Germany, we guarantee this high standard. All necessary pre-treatments are carried out by us. These include: transparent splint therapy, periodontology, endodontics, implantology, filling therapy, functional therapy, caries infiltration.

As Smile experts, we can show you the results before the actual treatment.

Our practice is furnished and equipped in a child-friendly manner. Child-friendly elements ensure that children of all ages feel comfortable with us. In our separate children’s waiting room, children can have some fun at our office before their own appointment or wait for their parents or siblings. We use special, modern materials for the treatment of children’s teeth. This includes smaller instruments for children’s mouths. Our high-quality dental chairs offer all the possibilities of age-appropriate treatment. And there is a positive side effect: children’s curiosity is aroused. Children quickly develop a desire to discover and try things out personally. We approach each child individually and – depending on their age – familiarize them playfully with a visit to the dentist. The appointment at the dentist thus becomes a positive experience. Nevertheless, we are not a purely pediatric dental practice. We offer the complete treatment spectrum for permanent teeth as well. This has some very practical advantages for parents:

You save on travel and care costs, because the joint dental visit of adults and children is standard with us.

You spare your nerves, because small children get to know the practice as “spectators” and lose their possible shyness through the example of their parents.

You save time with older children, if desired, we can perform prophylaxis (teeth cleaning, etc.) simultaneously in different rooms.

You save yourself disappointment we care for our young patients beyond infancy. It is not necessary to change dentists.

Smilist Veneers An attractive, winning smile with radiant vitality and self-confidence

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Smilist Implants Full arch rehabilitation with only four implants. A comfortable treatment at a fair price

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Our goal

Maximum quality and patient satisfaction is our aspiration. In doing so, we look forward to making you feel comfortable at every appointment. It is important to us that you understand the treatment, so we are happy to explain in detail the best way to achieve the right smile.

Do you have any suggestions? We are happy about that, then contact us directly here.

Your dentist

Patient Info Hour

We offer free and non-binding patient info consultation. There we will be happy to answer your questions about dental implants, aesthetic treatments and high-quality dentures.

Our time-management system ensures that you have consulting appointments at short notice without annoying waiting times.

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