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Smilist direct composite Veneers A naturally beautiful smile after just one session from 25€** a month

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A naturally radiant smilen

with composite direct veneering - without grinding and painless

A naturally beautiful smile after only one appointment

The latest technical innovations make just that possible. Whether you have gaps or discoloration, a chipped piece of tooth or a crack running through a tooth, in just a few steps your smile can be restored to an even, natural white.

Your ideas and wishes count!

Even before the actual treatment, we can show you your new smile by means of a simulation made especially for you. And not just on a screen. We model your new smile directly in front of your eyes using the same material - without affecting your teeth, of course. So, you can not only see your smile, but also experience the change with your lips and tongue. If you want to try the temporary for a few days, this is not a problem either. Moreover, the model is absolutely free of charge for you. In addition, we will take pictures of the result so that you and your new smile can get used to each other especially well.

Smilist direct composite Veneers

Optimal protection of the natural tooth substance

What are composite veneers?

Composite veneers are a newly developed very resistant composite material, it consists of a compound of ceramic, glass and quartz particles embedded in a plastic matrix. Applied directly to the tooth and cured in several steps, a final polish achieves the desired shape. After leaving the practice, your teeth are ready for immediate loading. You can immediately go to your favorite restaurant.

Before and after results of treatments already performed

Before after
Closing gaps between teeth and tooth shape correction

A patient came to us after his orthodontic treatment to close the remaining gaps. Since extended orthodontic treatment was no longer an option for him, he opted for treatment with composite veneers.

After professional tooth cleaning and shade determination, the enamel bonding surface was roughened, enamel etching, enamel bonding and finally the composite was adapted without bubbles.

Now he can enjoy every moment of his life even more with more confidence.

Aesthetic correction after orthodontics

A 32-year-old female patient presented to our practice with a desire to improve the aesthetics of her teeth. She was highly dissatisfied with her anterior teeth in the upper jaw and was bothered by the applied residual adhesives from the previous orthodontic treatment. At the same time, she definitely did not want to have her teeth ground.

After a professional teeth cleaning and removal of the residual adhesive applied to the tooth, the actual treatment with composite veneers took place to protect the teeth and achieve a healthy, beautiful result.

Before after
Closing gap between teeth with aesthetic correction

This patient presented to our office with the desire to close the gap between two teeth "called diastema".

The treatment lasted about 45 minutes and he was highly satisfied. At the patient's request, the two adjacent teeth were painlessly fitted with composite veneers without grinding to achieve a perfect aesthetic smile.

A solution for the future? Yes

Composite veneers are not only the quickest possible solution, but also the most easily adaptable and therefore durable solution, which also stands out from other solutions in terms of price. Many international studies conducted in recent years have proven the longevity of the method. In the case of discoloration caused by tea, red wine or smoking, as is traditionally the case, it has been shown that polishing should be carried out at regular two-to-five-year intervals.

No side effects for the teeth

The treatment sets standards not only from an aesthetic but also from a dental point of view. It is completely minimally invasive, which means that your natural, healthy tooth structure is spared - your teeth are only roughened briefly in the first step to provide the necessary hold for the composite material. And should you wish, or another intervention make it necessary, the initial situation can be restored just as easily as the composite veneers were applied.

The major advantages of direct composite veneers at a glance

  • A naturally beautiful smile after only one appointment
  • Innovative technology and resistant material
  • Your ideas and wishes go directly into the treatment
  • A model, directly on your teeth, gives you an idea
  • Your teeth are durable as soon as they leave our practice
  • Significantly lower price compared to conventional veneers
  • Simple maintenance
  • Optimal protection of the natural tooth substance
  • In case of emergency, the initial situation can be easily restored

Quickly and painlessly towards a new smile


Without polishing, without injecting


Your perfect smile in just one session


Financing without down payment

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Make your dream of a radiantly beautiful smile come true.

General note

The prices indicated are non-binding estimates. An exact planning of the treatment as well as cost estimation can basically only be made after a personal examination on site and after completion of the treatment. They ultimately result from the difficulty and expense of the individual case. In most cases, the costs for the indicated treatments can be met or a more accurate estimate can be made in advance. The individual specifics are therefore discussed in detail in each case before the therapy begins.

* The actual services are billed according to GOZ.

The treatment services will be billed to you via our billing center BFS. There you have, among other things, the possibility to arrange payment by installments. (creditworthiness assumed)

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