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Individual prophylaxis

The individual prophylaxis, which is free of charge once every six months for insured persons who have reached the age of six and have not yet reached the age of eighteen, is not only a treatment during which your child’s teeth are cleaned. In addition, your child learns about the importance of daily dental care, oral hygiene and the basic techniques.

Individual prophylaxis for children - An investment for the future

Individual prophylaxis in children and adolescents is an important part of dental care and equally important for their physical and mental development. The importance of this topic has been highlighted by research in this field, especially in recent years. For more information regarding the role of deciduous teeth, visit in particular our entry on deciduous teeth endodontics. Accordingly, the law stipulates that the visit of insured persons who have reached the age of six and have not yet reached the age of eighteen is covered once per calendar year.
The word prophylaxis comes from the Greek and can be translated as "to exclude from the outset". Thus, prophylactic measures extend far beyond dentistry. For example, prophylaxis not only focuses on parts of the body, but is also directed at disease patterns. The fact that it is usually the dentist who is referred to as prophylaxis has to do with the frequency of treatment.

Preparation for the appointment

In most cases, prophylaxis is performed by dental assistants specially trained for the treatment. Therefore, especially to prepare this procedure as effectively as possible, you should make sure that your child's teeth are already brushed in advance. Of course, this can still be done in the dental office. Therefore, bring enough time before the appointment. The duration of the treatment is approximately one hour, during which each tooth, the interdental spaces and the outer gum line are freed from soft as well as hard deposits, from plaque to tartar, thus preventing periodontitis.

The individual treatment

Ultrasound is used for very hard plaque and differently shaped scraping instruments are used to gently remove soft plaque. These steps are supplemented by dental floss and polishing strips. The teeth are then polished using a brush with polishing paste.
To individualize the treatment to your child, oral hygiene values are measured to show the susceptibility of each tooth to caries and periodontitis. Saliva analysis and germ determination are included. In this way, problem areas and appropriate care can be defined, and further advice can be given regarding nutrition. Children and adolescents are also taught the importance of good oral hygiene and the right way to brush their teeth. However, even good brushing or flossing, which is usually a nuisance for children, is not enough. Prophylaxis is therefore an important component of all-round healthy oral hygiene.
By visiting us every six months, you can have an important influence on the healthy growth of your child and lay the foundation for avoiding nerve-racking, time-consuming and cost-intensive interventions even after the child enters adulthood. Local fluoridation of the teeth, i.e., remineralization of the teeth to strengthen them from the inside, and fissure sealing are also included in the health insurance benefits. For children with an increased risk of caries, intensive prophylaxis measures are also taken.

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