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Prophylaxis – professional teeth cleaning

Prophylaxis is an individual teeth cleaning performed by dental assistants specially trained for this treatment. It is recommended to repeat the treatment every six months in order to protect the teeth from caries and the gums from periodontitis.

Prophylaxis - healthy teeth for life

Maintaining a naturally beautiful smile for a lifetime requires more than just daily dental care with a brush. In order to prevent plaque, caries and periodontitis or to remove them in places that are inaccessible to you and to generally ensure all-round healthy oral hygiene, biannual prophylaxis remains the most important supplement.

The word prophylaxis comes from the Greek and can be translated as "to exclude from the outset". Thus, prophylactic measures extend far beyond dentistry. For example, prophylaxis not only focuses on parts of the body, but is also directed at disease patterns. The fact that the term "prophylaxis" is generally used to refer to the dentist is probably related to the frequency of treatment.

The treatment

Going for prophylaxis pays off immensely. As we have just shown, it pays off financially, especially in the event of an emergency, when health concerns should not be accompanied by financial worries. From the medical point of view, however, not less. Even the best brushing, additional use of dental floss or mouth rinses cannot guarantee complete protection. Plaque and tartar still develop and therefore form the primary concern of preventive care.

In most cases, prophylaxis is performed by dental assistants specially trained for the treatment. Just to prepare this procedure as effectively as possible, you should therefore have already brushed your teeth. Of course, this is also possible in the dental office. However, bring enough time before your appointment. The duration of the treatment is approximately one hour, during which each tooth, the interdental spaces and the outer gum line are cleaned of soft and hard plaque and tartar, and in some cases, depending on the thickness and type, even the removal of tooth discoloration is possible.

Ultrasound is used for very hard plaque, and differently shaped scraping instruments are used to gently remove soft plaque. These steps are supplemented by dental floss and polishing strips. The teeth are then polished using a brush with polishing paste. This protection against new discolorations and caries is rounded off by fluoridation, i.e., remineralization of the teeth to strengthen them from the inside.

For health reasons alone, prophylaxis should be the most regular appointment with your dentist. Your visit to the dentist will prevent the health risks associated with periodontitis in particular or caries in general. For a shining white of your teeth and to avoid deep and consequently cost-intensive interventions.

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