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Periodontitis – gum treatment

Periodontitis is not only a painful inflammation of the tooth bed in later stages, but the disease can have far-reaching consequences for health. The infection, which usually progresses insidiously, is treated by thorough cleaning and microsurgical procedures.

Disease progression

Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) is followed by periodontitis (also popularly known as periodontitis). Where a healthy tooth is completely enclosed by gum tissue and firmly seated in the tooth bed, the gum tissue has moved away from the neck of the tooth in the variable course of the disease, which can last from weeks to years, creating space for deposits and bacteria. Initial symptoms, such as swelling, bleeding and pain, progress to bad breath, a change in tooth position or even loosening of the tooth. It is also possible for the inflammation to spread to the jawbone.


If brushing or flossing has failed and the body's defenses are weakened, it is up to the dentist to perform targeted interventions to preserve your naturally beautiful smile, depending on the stage of the disease. This includes cleaning the gum pockets of plaque and bacteria, which are located between the tooth and the gum, further if necessary, to treat the exposed tooth necks by means of a microsurgical procedure or in the case of an already attacked tooth bed to specifically rebuild the enamel in the affected area. For this purpose, any granulation tissue next to damaged tooth material is removed, and a gel that is then applied stimulates repair from the depths. Before irreversible damage to the tooth root occurs and one or even more teeth cannot be maintained, additional therapies for root planning and those using laser irradiation remain.

Symptoms at a glance

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, the swelling, bleeding and pain, occurring bad breath, a change in tooth position or even loosening of the tooth, equally sensitive reactions to cold as heat and a generally weakened immune system can be indications of periodontitis. They are all interrelated, like the body, but may or may not occur together and can have an impact on their daily well-being. Constant bacterial exposure can lead all the way to respiratory disease or atherosclerotic vascular disease, with potential for stroke or heart attack. Pregnant women are at increased risk of premature birth.


Brushing twice a day is mandatory for healthy oral hygiene. The right toothbrush, whether electric or hand-held, also requires the right technique. Likewise, the use of dental floss or dental tape (for crowded dentition) or even interdental brushes and the proper application of amine fluoride help teeth and gums stay healthy. From the dentist's point of view, the six-monthly prophylaxis provided for by the health insurance companies in addition to regular professional teeth cleaning are the final step. To make your smile shine and your appearance so ... we are here for you and are happy to answer any questions or make an appointment.

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