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Smilist Bleaching For radiant white teeth. For more self-confidence and charisma.

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Teeth whitening: Bleaching

Professional teeth whitening or bleaching in our dental practice in Berlin

In fact, bleaching is the lightening of the tooth color. Bleaching is also often called tooth whitening, tooth color whitening for short or tooth whitening.

Teeth can be discolored for various reasons. Alcoholic drinks, tea, tobacco consumption, coffee, fruit juices, etc. cause the discoloration.

In this regard, teeth whitening (bleaching) is a method that can lighten your teeth by one to several levels.

Other clinical causes and discolorations such as caries and death of the pulp, on the other hand, cannot be treated with bleaching.

The professional bleaching

Lighten teeth by a few shades, gentle bleaching with a long-term effect: an aesthetic treatment by dental practice Smilist.

In just three simple steps to radiant white teeth


Thorough teeth cleaning

To prevent plaque from interfering with the success of the treatment, we first thoroughly clean the teeth and gums in our dental office.

Determine the right tooth shade

Then, together with you, we determine the natural shade of your teeth, but also the desired shade. If only individual teeth are to be bleached, they should match the others perfectly.

The treatment and the result

After the pre-treatment, the gums are protected by means of a special gel that is carefully applied around the teeth and the bleaching agent is applied to the tooth surface in several stages. Then the bleaching agent is rinsed out and the teeth are one or more levels lighter.

Our goal

Maximum quality and patient satisfaction is our aspiration. In doing so, we look forward to making you feel comfortable at every appointment. It is important to us that you understand the treatment, so we are happy to explain in detail the best way to achieve the right smile.

Do you have any suggestions? We are happy about that, then contact us directly here.

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